10 ft. & 12 ft. Angled Blade Turnrow Floats  with Three Point Hookup.

Made from a 10" channel iron frame, our float is rigid enough for true floating action!  Hook to your category II or category III Quick Hitch.  Maneuver  easily into hard to reach places.  These floats really hit the spot when smoothing turnrows to the pivot of  your circle irrigation systems.


Angled Blades are an integral part of this design.  Some have preferred the angled blades for better sideways action in deep rutted conditions.  The angled blades may help cut a little better in very hard soil conditions.  For most normal conditions the straight blade version is fine.


Tail wheels are an added option. Two adjustable solid rubber crazy wheels are mounted behind for the finest floating action. This works great for parking lots or other areas where a table top smoothness may be desired.


We would be glad to work with your favorite dealer. To protect our dealers we will sell to the general public at list price only. Have your dealer give us a call.