Fold Wing Spray Booms

Our hydraulic fold wing booms are designed to be sturdy, simple, long lasting pieces of equipment. They utilize 2‐1/2" x 16" cylinders. No gauge wheels are required and are not recommended. Our standard 3 point design will hook to your Category II or Category III tractor.


These booms are complete except for the spray tips. The nozzle bodies, caps, gaskets, and screens are installed with brass nozzle blanks. You can install whatever spray nozzle fits your application. The nozzle bodies have built in diaphragm check valves. This Spray Boom is plumbed in three sections using 1/2" hose and fittings with the center section covering the eight row parent bar.


A few changes have been made. The bars are now all one length utilizing offset overlapping extensions where needed. The boom is now bolted on instead of welded to help with stresses during spray boom flexing.


We have manufactured many booms to custom specifications. If you have a special situation, give us a call. We would be happy for our spray boom to help out in your operation.


We would be glad to work with your favorite dealer. To protect our dealers we will sell to the general public at list price only.  Have your dealer give us a call.